There are many ways in which sponsoring Martin could be beneficial for your business. Martin is one of the most well established personalities in the Rugby world. Martin is held in high esteem due to his illustrious career within rugby and is a leading authority within the sport as well as offering motivational and inspiring performance related coaching sessions. Sponsoring Martin can help to take your brand to another level across media platforms and corporate events.

Martin Corry works extremely hard on behalf of his current brand partners and has a proven track record of maximising their exposure. A bespoke package of activities will be created to suit a brand's specific requirements as a sponsor, which Martin will incorporate into an ambassador role. Benefits include:

Valuable media coverage
As a regular pundit for domestic and international rugby matches, Martin has many media contacts. He is likable, passionate and intelligent which makes him very much in demand.

Image rights
The use of Martin's name and image rights for PR and marketing literature to promote a brand/company.

Activities / Promotion
Martin would set aside an agreed number of days per year for personal appearances/ activities / promotion with clients.

Press endorsements / testimonial
A testimonial or endorsement from a recognised and celebrated rugby legend like Martin instils trust and reliability for a product to consumers and press alike, helping to elevate a brand's profile in its marketplace.

Advertising - TV / radio / print
Martin is a respected and internationally recognised figure in the sporting world; utilising his image, voice and profile for advertising on TV, in print and on the radio will aid in creating a buzz and interest, ultimately increasing knowledge of a brand.

Hosting / attending press trips / conferences / presentations / corporate trips / trade shows / rugby days
Martin's presence as a host on various types of trips or shows is incredibly beneficial to sponsors. Having Martin meet clients, press trips and guests at a presentations, launch days, corporate trips, tradeshows, etc. or perhaps organising an event including a rugby clinic with a legend from the rugby world, will ensure that clients and guests have an experience they won't forget.

Personal appearances / dinners / events
A personal appearance by a favourite celebrity or personality can add the extra WOW factor to any day, dinner or event. With Martin as a brand ambassador available for personal appearances for sponsors, ensures that brand impact will be delivered at any occasion by a top sporting legend.

Cross promotion
The potential to utilise Martin's current endorsements, including Holland & Barrett for cross promotional partnerships with new sponsors.

Cross funding
The potential to utilise Martin's current endorsements to organise cross funding for ideas and activities that Martin could take part in and raise the profile of sponsors.

Consumer markets are significantly impacted by celebrity endorsed products. Martin Corry will work alongside each client to develop a unique creative concept that establishes a bond between himself and the product, one which will lead to unparalleled promotional success in the future.