There are many ways in which employing Martin could be beneficial for your business. Martin is one of the most well established personalities in the Rugby world. Martin is held in high esteem due to his illustrious career within rugby and is a leading authority within the sport as well as offering motivational and inspiring performance related coaching sessions. Martin is able to offer the following services:

Ideal for any event, Martin's unique after dinner speaking style makes him appeal to both young and older audiences alike. With a fun and entertaining take on his life as one of the most successful rugby players England has seen, he is certain to make your evening a roaring success. His expert delivery and ability to explain the various challenges he faced as an England and British and Irish Lions Captain to any guests, make him a fascinating asset to the after dinner circuit, Martin truly is a man with an impressive and interesting story to tell.

Martin's enthusiastic and humorous speeches, mixed with question and answer sessions provide an opportunity to listen to the life of a World Cup winner as well as gain behind the scenes knowledge from a former international captain.

Due to Martin's extensive experience as a motivational speaker he is adept at transforming any topic or theme and delivering it in the best possible manner, ensuring that your corporate messages are communicated in a concise and correct manner. Drawing on over 12 years of experience within international and domestic rugby, including the highs and lows of winning and losing a rugby World Cup final, Martin is ideally placed to deliver thought provoking and in depth motivational speeches.

The determination and sheer resilience needed to cope in those high pressured situations makes Martin the perfect motivational speaker for any company looking to inspire their workforce.

As one of the UK's most successful rugby players, Martin has given motivational talks to leading UK companies including financial services firm JP Morgan, where he led a stimulating session designed to motivate and inspire newly appointed graduates. As a former team captain he is used to inspiring a winning attitude amongst any audience.

Martin is a leading performance coach who works in an innovative and practical way to help clients harness their potential and grow their businesses. Drawing on parallels from his vast wealth of experience within international and domestic rugby, Martin focuses on teamwork, teambuilding and the ability to remain composed and confident in stressful and uncomfortable situations. Designing and delivering tailored performance coaching which suits various organisations' backgrounds and industries is a vital component of Martin's service.

As a former international rugby captain and world cup winner Martin is perfectly placed to offer comment and analysis on any issue that develops within the world of rugby. With a wealth of experience for television, print and radio media, Martin is an intelligent analyst who can act as a co-commentator or an in-studio pundit. With a strong background in education, Martin is an accomplished writer and can provide concise, captivating copy to be used in newspaper columns or features.